Cannabis Music Festival Inc, Rules and Regulations

  • Age Restrictions. Cannabis Music Festival is an 18 plus Event only. Underage use of cannabis is illegal and is not supported by the Cannabis Music Festival Inc.
  • No Narcotics or Illicit Drugs. Cannabis Music Festival supports lawful cannabis use only. Sales of any illegal substances are unlawful and prohibited. Sales of any unauthorised cannabis products or cannabis laced foods (like brownies) is prohibited at Cannabis Music Festival Inc.
  • Public consumption of cannabis. Public cannabis consumption in most Provinces is still illegal and a punishable offence. Medical Marijuana Cardholders are no exception. caught consuming cannabis in public will be subject to fines or possible arrest.
  • Beer, and Alcoholic beverages, will be available at the festival. Outside Alcoholic beverages of any kind is not permitted at the Cannabis Music Festival.
  • Public intoxication, drunkenness or belligerent behaviour, will not be permitted. Anyone visibly intoxicated will be escorted out of the festival park.
  • No Pets. Cannabis Music Festival does not allow pets. Service animals will be permitted under laws allowing service animals. The person accompanying the service animal is responsible to keep the animal on leash or under other appropriate restraint at all times.